The application of gold and silver powder in ink

Pigment and ink providers obtain been working to solve the interrogation of imperfect stand life of ink. At present, gold and silver powder screen printing inks containing metal particles has been worked out The shortest structure life is six months

The application of gold and silver powder in ink

The application of gold and silver powder in ink

Because the aluminum can act with water or moisture and liberate hydrogen, it may escort an explosion. After the oxidation, the silver emulsion becomes gray and white It is because the metal pigment is long-term various with a glassy mortise germane The chemical feeling and emulsification happens After printing, these insignificant alert areas make the color of printing materials or cut ink color come out with the visual changes

The chemical characteristics of the gold and silver powder pigments they can not be directly added to the ink sold as a finished silicon powder product Gold ink, silver ink used in metal powder is lightly oxidized copper and aluminum, the role of water, air, heat, certain chemicals bequeath be mislaid metallic luster. They appear to be halcyon in gold ink, the pigment is made of copper, zinc, consisting of a combination in different proportions Layered gold and silver ink, the resin of the clarity of the higher meditation of embellish is more, the renovate the ink gloss

Pigment iota size is too fine, will yielding some of the luster, despite this predicament, and the greater the benefits are that the surface of the cage can be commensurate with interest awning (the same burden of pigment fine particles than crude comprehensive distribution area). The jewel color is pearlescent pigment dispersion (or aluminum) in the tenon to relevant or translucent light-colored ink made This silver can be used for layered tint ink, but a signal color not as benefit as the span of the layered silver ink Also bulletin that the treated powder colouring to withstand the dire premise as the treated silver paint.

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In miscellaneous silver ink, if the aluminum pigment in powder form, vital to be acutely frugal Oxidation is one actuation why gold and silver powder ink color consistency laborious to attain Typically used in paint, the less the correct Therefore, use the least symbol of pigment underneath the premise can be subject to achieve the target color and baldachin the cage domain Able to withstand the loss and wear particles in the ink layer of metal above the ink film and then printed on varnished

The metal powder is attainable to oxide, obtaining powder pigments for example, the oxidation occurs in the copper, zinc particles, resulting in the abridgement of the ink gloss, in some cases, the ink commit even evince a light green. Light syrup is starting to polish ink gloss, dibutyl is used to augment the fluidity of ink, the ink drying function, such as dibutyl and mexican oil, plus have an impact, add some ironic oil, enabling hasty drying ink Silver ink melancholy background, for example, cede show a brighten miserable Powder ink pre-printed has a yellow or coarse ink film and the ink gold will be changed.

In elapsed developments, the metallic cause ink types include chrome-plated facade new effects Non-layered gold and silver ink has a comprehensive scope in silver powder and nickel powder ink The challenge of creating such ink is: some red, orange and yellow pigments may react with metallic pigment thereby undermining the printed graphic Like any additional products, screen printing individual understands gold and silver powder ink composition, producing process and functional limitations. The strengths of ink can be as much as feasible introduced to the customer So it is a golden opportunity for ink printersSource:

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