GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI like the light of routine that pure,fresh and hold the attitude of high-end luxury,it has amazed the finished world.Who is GULI?and many kinsfolk leave posses this questionGulnara Karimova,the chie.

GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI-Another unique fashion

GULI like the decorate of practice that pure,fresh and retain the character of high-end luxury,it has amazed the full world

Who is GULI?and many kinsfolk leave hold this questionGulnara Karimova,the important designer of GULI has answered,”GULI is the High-end custom brand with perfact fusion of state features and second fashionIt has grumous flavor of cash asia,no query the cloth,jewelry findings, bouquet or the beads,it’s Marvelous with them around youri reckon all of the women or even men obtain the basis to obtain it . That’s GULI,the unique brand”

The confidence of the designer not only come from the brand’s Super high-end positioning,when you manage close to the products of GULI,you can find out it has fecund colors and infrequent marking with deep ethnic flavor , high-end meterial and exclusive custom-made that shows the tiptop superiority of the brand–This is the means that GULI has brought from the internaitonal routine stage of Milan ,New York and so on

On China method week,GULI had left the surprised products–High waist pants, ale fleabane stout fleabane skirt, and dress, and public manner in chapan robes, and perplexing ornament marking of mini drudge bag and boots, all kinds of pigskin and velvet applicable of ornament.Those factory put the Silk, velvet, knitted and tatting to exquisitely use,merge the ordinary massage and Ikat tie-dye design style together,boldly use richelieu guidebook collar crocheting technology in cloth,it has riched the tunnel of the perfect pictur–these beauty show the graceful smell of the designer,what’s more,it is delivering a new system to China and all over the world

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With the mountain of eastern moderation and western fashion,the brand of GULI contains different means but without conflict,the coruscate that the decoration afflatus impacts shows different contemporary manner style

The professional individual considered,GULI has blowed up a unprepared wind rely on its framework choosen,product marking and brand idea,while the world’s practice industry privation the freshness like this